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Redeem Cashback

Redeem your cashback rewards effortlessly after receiving your product delivery.

Step to Redeem of coupon

Step 1

Open the Delivered box. You will get the Welcome kit and Coupon code.

Step 2

Text or Mail the code to the given Number or Mail within 3 Days of delivery.

Step 3

You will get the cashback within 2 Working days after the sending of the code. 


Terms and Conditions

After Product Delivery

One fundamental aspect of cashback redemption is that it occurs after the successful delivery of the purchased products. This condition serves multiple purposes:

  • Verification: It allows retailers to confirm that the transaction has been completed, reducing the risk of cashback abuse or fraud.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Waiting until delivery ensures that customers receive their products in good condition and as expected before receiving their cashback rewards.

One-Time Use of Coupon Codes

Another critical condition for cashback redemption revolves around the one-time use of coupon codes. Here's why this condition is essential:

  • Fair Distribution: Limiting coupon codes to one-time use ensures that a broad range of customers can benefit from the cashback offer, preventing any single user from unfairly exploiting the promotion.

  • Promotion Integrity: Retailers can maintain the integrity of their cashback program by restricting coupon code usage, preventing unauthorized sharing or duplication.

  • Accurate Tracking: One-time use of coupon codes allows for precise tracking of each cashback transaction, simplifying the accounting and reconciliation process.

Compliance and Transparency

To make the cashback redemption process transparent and compliant, retailers often provide detailed terms and conditions. These terms typically include information on:

  • Eligibility: Who is eligible to participate in the cashback program, including any restrictions on location, age, or other criteria.

  • Redemption Period: The timeframe during which customers can redeem their cashback rewards.

  • Cashback Amount: The percentage or fixed amount of cashback offered on eligible purchases.

  • Coupon Code Usage: Specific guidelines regarding coupon code activation and redemption

Cashback Policy in other Platform

  • The Cashback in other platform like Flipkart, Meesho, etc. will be differed from Website.

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